Math and the real world

I believe in math education the same way that I believe that children should read. If they can’t think quantitatively and logically about themselves and their world, they can’t understand very much.

I see daily examples of how math is part of my daily work and understanding of the world. I routinely see a convergence between common sense, basic arithmetic, and probability and statistics.  For instance,

If I run the red light, probably nothing will happen.  But if I run the red light every day for two weeks, I’ll probably get in an accident. And I run it every day for year, I’ll probably get in a lot of accidents.

This is both common sense and basic statistics.

This site is dedicated to much better math education. It’s driven by the same vision as those people making SpellingCity (what a hit!). We support math games. For the moment, we are in development and we are populating this site with some fun math games and math videos. Enjoy.


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