The Plan for, the sister site to the very popular, also seeks to be provide a useful tool.  The key is targeting really big needs, a great interface, and pricing  so that all teachers, parents, and students can afford it.

The site’s mission is to be the primary supplementary resource for resolving some frequent stumbling blocks on the road to math mastery.  The target areas:

  • Math Facts. These need to be memorized and we will provide a great set of multimedia tools for mastering and checking mastery.
  • Fractions.  Principles of math learning sciences will be applied providing clear imagery, hands-on activities, plenty of practice, and reinforcement
  • Telling Time.  More than ever, children seem to have trouble learning to tell time.
  • Probability and Chance. Causality and correlation. Come on people, lets learn it!

Stay tuned.  To get the latest information, subscribe to this site or sign up for We’ll certainly announce it there when is ready to rock and roll!

PS. The videos collected on this site are just interesting math materials that caught my eye on YouTube. They are not representative of our direction.

john aka the Mayor

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