MathCity: When?

I get this question all the time: when will there be a mathcity? What should it be? Should it do the difficult areas such as fractions and the concepts of multiplication and divisionn? Should it be a practice site that helps with math facts which is the big rote memorization of elementary school where the students need to get a high level of fluency and automaticity with math.

There are other design questions such as how integrated with SpellingCity? Should it use a common login and mechanism for student provisioning and reports?  Should assignments for the two sites be harmonized?

I’m very interested in the question of how gamified it should be.  Should the gamification be:

– just inside the learning activities a la SpellingCity. Their activities have game-like elements including in many cases a high score table structure

– something broader so that students are earning flying pigs (like Waggle) or money (like sokikom) or bananas (which one was that?).

Beyond gamification, I’ve thought of having some over arching content themes in there. Examples:

– we could frequently use a bicycle and do distance and problems with it.  Big potential: I like the idea of a bicycle stem theme running throughout
 there could also be a cooking theme since cooking is common to every household and surely, a revival of interest in cooking is due to save us from the increasing power of Ubereats and other conveniences

There could also be class vs class gamification and school vs school gamification



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