Second Grade Math

In first and second grade math, students need both to build their conceptual understanding of basic operations and numbers, they also have to drill to know by rote a number of basic math facts.

Second grade is also a year of exploration and discovery of the numbers in the world around us. Major milestones for 2nd grade math include:

  • Applying numbers sense to the four basic operations
  • Understanding the use of money in real life situations
  • Developing spatial reasoning in relation to geometric shapes
  • Applying the various method s of measurement
  • Exploring probability and using data

In second grade math, children need to master their addition and subtraction facts since they are expected to do two-digit and three-digit addition and subtraction. If they don’t know these math facts instantaneously, their hesitation will make it hard to keep their pace in those second grade math problems. In second grade math, children start to learn fractions and need to get comfortable with the concept of a half, a third, a quarter, and an eighth. In geometry, second grade math students move beyond recognizing shapes to becoming fluent with the language of geometry so they can use terms such as ‘curves’, ‘vertices’, ‘edges’, ‘faces’ and ‘angles’ to describe the attributes of two and three-dimensional shapes.

The second grade math curriculum contains 120 math lessons, 120 printable worksheets, 91 quizzes and 18 chapter tests. It constitutes a solid second grade math program correlated to state standards.

Animated characters present the second grade math lessons in bite sized pieces, at the student’s pace. Each chapter builds on the last. second graders are guided through fractions, order of operations, basic algebra, metrics, spatial sense, graphing and probability using interactive prompts and funny stories to bring the lessons to life.

Time4Learning’s second grade math lesson plans provides a detailed lesson by lesson description of how they learn these materials.

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